Analysis of three main trends of equipment manufacturing industry

- Jan 03, 2018 -

After years of development, the standardization and quality of the equipment manufacturing industry in China has made great progress. In China's current national and industrial standards, the equipment manufacturing industry standards account for more than 50% of the total, which has basically formed a standard system to adapt to the development of the industry. The standard level of equipment manufacturing industry has been continuously improved, and the international standard has been further improved. The conversion rate of international standard has reached over 70%, the localization of major equipment has been greatly improved, and the quality and reliability level of product has been significantly improved. The standardization of equipment manufacturing industry has played an active role in improving product quality, expanding international trade, promoting technological progress and innovation, and has produced remarkable economic and social benefits, which has strongly supported the development of equipment manufacturing industry.

Close to the "2025" Chinese manufacturing needs, in order to improve the manufacturing quality and efficiency of development as the center, with the implementation of the industrial base, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing standardization and quality promotion project as the starting point to deepen the reform of the standardization work, adhere to the combination of standards and the development of industry standards and quality improvement, and the combination of the national standard the combination of industry standards and domestic standards with international standards combined with the continuous optimization and improvement of the equipment manufacturing industry standard system, strengthen the quality of macroeconomic management, improve the quality management system, improve the standard of technical level and international level, enhance the quality of the competition ability of China's manufacturing industry, speeding up the cultivation technology, standards, brand, quality and service as the core of the new economic development advantage, build a new system of supporting industries, and promote China's transformation from a big manufacturing country to power, power quality .

Implementing green manufacturing to promote energy saving and emission reduction

We should improve the standard system of green manufacturing. The whole life cycle standard of the product is formulated, and the whole life cycle of the product design, manufacture, use, recycling and reuse of the equipment manufacturing industry is green. Focus on green design, technology, equipment, materials and management of green production standards; waste heat recovery, water recycling, waste recycling and harmless disposal, and abandoned vehicles and key parts of the system, waste electrical and mechanical products recycling, dismantling, recycling and remanufacturing standards; meet the lightweight, harmless energy saving, noise reduction, resource saving, easy green product evaluation standard dismantling, easy recovery, high reliability and long life requirements; green procurement, green consumption, green logistics, green supply chain standards; different dimensions of infrastructure, management system, energy and resources, and environmental emissions, environmental performance products factory building based on the operation, in order to achieve the plant raw material intensive, harmless, clean production, waste of resources, low carbon energy as the goal of green plants Standards for green parks, such as park ecological environment and spatial distribution, infrastructure sharing, industrial symbiotic coupling, near zero emission and so on.

We should promote the standardization of energy saving and emission reduction. With the emphasis on efficient energy saving and water saving, advanced environmental protection and recycling of resources, the standard system of energy saving and environmental protection industry is established and perfected. We should strengthen the development of basic standards, performance testing methods, standards and evaluation management standards for energy saving and environmental protection industry, and set up important product standards such as efficient motors, LED lighting, advanced energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and a comprehensive standard for circular transformation of industrial parks. To carry out energy efficiency standards, improve water efficiency and energy saving service, environmental protection equipment and key technology, industrial circular economy, comprehensive utilization of resources and other key areas of development, promote the technical standards in the field of energy saving, energy measurement and verification services, monitoring and evaluation of energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and other major international standards.

Promote the implementation of green manufacturing standards and effect evaluation. The products of environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, recycling, low carbon, regeneration, organic and other products should be unified into green products, and a unified green product standard, certification and identification system should be established. We should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of green standards, such as green manufacturing standards, energy saving and environmental protection industry standards. We should strengthen the green standard inspection and certification service capacity building, and actively promote the third party institutions to carry out the green standard implementation evaluation based on laws, regulations and standards. According to the standard, we should actively promote green products and certification, green factories and green parks, and promote green products. A green supply chain standardization pilot is carried out to promote the establishment of a green supply chain evaluation system.  We should comprehensively promote transformation and upgrading of green manufacturing industry, accelerate the process reengineering of manufacturing process, reduce pollutant emissions, reduce resource and energy consumption and quality loss, and avoid low price competition.

Implementing intelligent manufacturing to improve innovation project

The working mechanism of intelligent manufacturing standardization. In view of the cross industry, cross professional and cross field characteristics of intelligent manufacturing standards, the top level design is strengthened, and the standardization of intelligent manufacturing is established to coordinate and promote the working mechanism. In terms of smart products, equipment and manufacturing technology, we should establish a standard promoting Alliance for production, learning and research, and formulate standards that meet the needs of the market, and speed up the transformation of intelligent manufacturing technology achievements.

Speed up the construction of the intelligent manufacturing standard system. Research and analysis of intelligent manufacturing standardization needs and key areas, systematically comb existing related standards, and build advanced, open, coordinated and international standards system for intelligent manufacturing.  According to the common first, emergency first principle, focus on the development of intelligent manufacturing base of key terms and definitions, intelligent equipment, industrial products / Internet / Networking / digital smart factory, workshop, industrial software industry, cloud and big data and other general and key technical standards, norms, leading intelligent manufacturing industry healthy and orderly development.

The comprehensive standardization test of intelligent manufacturing is carried out.  Selection basis