Application of Rotary Cooler in Industry

- Oct 12, 2017-

The cooling machine is one of the important equipment in the dolomite calcination equipment system. The function of the equipment is to fully exchange heat with the air from the rotary kiln (1000 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃) White to 200 ℃ below. The cooling air is preheated by the high temperature material, and as the combustion air into the kiln, the calcination is enhanced to reduce the energy consumption. The device uses countercurrent cooling, high thermal efficiency, reduce pollution and improve the working environment. But also has a reasonable structure, smooth operation, strong adaptability and so on. Is widely used in metal magnesium production line, cement production line, active lime production line, ceramic sand production line and other important industrial production.

In addition to cooling calcined white, cement, lime and other materials, but also for cooling fertilizer. Rotary cooler for dry fertilizer, the 65-85 ℃ granular compound fertilizer through the optimization of the internal structure of a uniform continuous strip and the cooling air in full contact, rapid cooling to close to room temperature, so that the product can be packaged in time to prevent the product Storage and transportation. Cooling method using cold air countercurrent, the use of induced draft machine in the equipment feed side of the cold air from the equipment tail and material reverse contact forced cooling, the material quickly cooling.