Building the area along the road to deepen Sino Arab energy cooperation

- Jul 11, 2018-

China and Arabia countries have a long history of friendly origin. Historically, the land and sea silk road has closely linked the Chinese nation and the Arabia people.

Li Chengwen, the Chinese Foreign Ministry's ambassador for China Arab Cooperation Forum, said that the eighth Ministerial Conference of the China Arabia national cooperation forum will be held in Beijing in July 10th. The Chinese and Arab sides will guide the construction of the next stage of the forum and the cooperation between China and Arab groups around the theme of building a "one road" and a common theme for promoting peaceful development, leading to greater development in the Sino Arab relations in the new era. In this context, the hosting of the global energy Internet forum is of great significance to deepening the Sino Arab energy cooperation, helping the construction of the "one area and one way" and the theme of the Forum Ministerial Conference.

China Arab energy cooperation has a broad prospect

"Energy cooperation is an important part of Sino Arab strategic cooperation. In 2017, China imported 1.57 million tons of crude oil from Arabia countries, accounting for 37% of the total oil imports. In 2020, China's crude oil demand will reach 7.4 billion tons, of which 5.4 billion tons need to be imported. " Li Chengwen said that China and Arab are natural partners in the field of energy and have broad prospects for cooperation.

Maged Mahmoud, the chief technical director of the renewable energy and energy efficiency center in Arabia, also believes that building the interest community of renewable energy development and utilization in Arabia area has great potential to build the regional energy Internet. China has rich experience in energy interconnection, and energy technology, equipment, funds and other fields have achieved certain advantages through years of development and accumulation. China's "along the way" initiative provides a green channel for the construction of renewable energy in the Sino Arab Cooperation Framework.

Under the guidance of the global energy Internet development cooperation organization and the League of Arab States, Kamal Ali, vice secretary general of the League of Arabia States, hopes to develop the clean energy and power network in the Arabia national region, and look forward to the active docking of the large enterprises in China and the Arabia countries to carry out the project cooperation.

In the view of Liu Guoyue, deputy general manager of China National Power Grid Co., Ltd., the development of global energy Internet and the strengthening of energy and electricity cooperation among the countries in the world have created opportunities for Chinese enterprises and enterprises in the world, and set up a platform. The national Power Grid Corp is willing to uphold the principle of co - commerce, co - construction, sharing and win-win cooperation with the Arabia state to promote the development of clean energy and the interconnection of the power grid, service the "one way" and the construction of the human destiny community.

Clean energy has become a new bright spot for cooperation

Pan Jiahua, director of the urban development and Environmental Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, stressed that the cooperation between China and Afghanistan can not be ignored. "Arabia has a large number of countries, and there is no regional central government in Arabia. The cooperation costs of various countries are huge and there are potential political risks." Eliminating potential risks is a necessary way to achieve renewable energy utilization. He appealed that the International Renewable Energy Agency and the global Internet development organization should give full play to its advantages, provide technical support and establish an energy Internet Organization in the Arabia region.

In this regard, Li Chengwen put forward three suggestions: first, China Arab Cooperation to build the "one road" as the leader, to further improve the energy cooperation mechanism. We should actively use the China Arab Cooperation Forum, the China Arab Energy Cooperation Conference and the China Arab energy cooperation alliance to consolidate the strategic cooperation between China and Afghanistan in the fields of oil and gas and new energy, and actively promote the establishment of a global energy Internet with mutually beneficial cooperation and cooperation, and promote a new concept of cooperative security. The two is to accelerate the implementation of new energy cooperation projects with the guidance of clean substitution and electric energy substitution. China and Arab countries should focus on nuclear energy, solar energy and wind energy, speed up research and development in the field of new energy, promote the development and utilization of clean energy in Arabia countries, and promote the interconnection of energy between Arabia countries and the surrounding areas. The three is to strengthen the humanities exchange of the think tank, strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between China and Arab countries in the development of new energy policy design, technology research and development, demonstration project promotion and talent training through various forms of exchange activities, to realize the sharing of experience, and to seek a common balance between the economic and human development cooperation and the destiny community. Consciousness has taken root in the Sino Arab energy cooperation.