Cause Analysis of Oil Leakage at the End Face of Crusher

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The study found that the crusher bearing end oil leakage has the following reasons:

1, the pressure of the hydraulic system is too high Crusher system working pressure If more than the maximum limit, sealed bearing seat on both sides of the non-standard seal to withstand the pressure drop overload, resulting in bearing seat surface leakage.

2, the hydraulic system of excessive flow crusher crushing capacity increased, but its common system of the standard flow has not changed, the flow is not compatible with the current operating conditions.

3, the structural design of the bearing seat is unreasonable The design of the bearing is only one side of the oil return hole, and the end cap design is no oil plate, oil return oil compensation, lubricating oil retained in the bearing unilateral, resulting in excessive oil Give way.

4, the quality of the ring is poor, not the role of high temperature.

5, the installation of the ring part of the shaft when the burr When the crusher rotor normal operation, the shaft on the burr bad seal ring, resulting in premature failure of the seal.

For the crusher above several reasons leading to the bearing end of the phenomenon of oil leakage, Red Star machine put forward some coping methods: adjust the system pressure and flow, the upper bearing, the lower bearing, left and right end cover, retaining ring and other accessories Transformation, while the new regulation gland, seals and other accessories. According to the recommendations of Henan Zheng ore Machinery Co., Ltd., can effectively solve the bearing end of the old problem of oil spills, from the technical aspects of the problem to solve the seal. Improve the crusher bearing the surrounding environment, optimize the crusher oil supply system configuration, to meet the crusher operation, regardless of low speed or high speed conditions, the bearings will not appear due to poor lubrication conditions caused by the bearing Fever, damage and other failures.