Common Fault Diagnosis Method of Vibrating Screen

- Oct 12, 2017 -

In the process of the use of mechanical equipment such as vibrating screen, in order to make it better to play the performance, we must find ways to rule out its prone to failure, Henan Zheng ore Machinery Co., Ltd. on the vibrating screen of the common fault analysis of equipment for The majority of customers can better use this device to provide reference.

The first is the bearing heat problem. According to my company for many years of practice, the reasons for high bearing temperature rise may be poor assembly of rolling bearings, radial bearing radial clearance is too small, too much or too little grease, lubricating materials do not meet the requirements of bearing dirt, Seal failure and other reasons, it may be due to the motor shaft and the exciter shaft different degree of too much, so that through the coupling force transmitted to the exciter on the bearing cover caused by friction, the need for the above possible reasons Check out the problem before you can re-use it. Followed by the problem of side plate cracks. The side plate is the main force of the sieve box components, must ensure that its rigidity is enough, and in the exclusion of the amplitude is too large under the premise of checking the exciter eccentric block angle is consistent; secondly, should consider the existence of overloading overload shaker problem ( The third is to consider whether there is a spring damage to the screen box can not get the necessary buffer or spring deformation caused by uneven distortion of the screen box; the fourth Should check the vibrator mounting bolts are loose and uneven force phenomenon; in addition to a often overlooked important reason is the foundation deformation, stiffness is not enough. This phenomenon exists in a large number of steel structure of the plant and the vibrating screen under the support of the situation, should be particularly attention.