Type of crusher

- Jun 26, 2018-

The crusher can be divided into medical crusher and mining crusher according to large categories. The medical lithotripsy machine is mainly used for crushing stones, usually using resonance and other methods to break the stones, so as to avoid all kinds of risks brought by surgery.

According to the principle of breakage, the commonly used crushing machinery for heavy mining machinery is jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, compound crusher, conical crusher, double stage crusher, cycle crusher, movement crusher, movement Type crusher and so on.

The working principle of different crushers is totally different. Take the ring hammer crusher as an example:

Hammer crusher mainly depends on impact energy to complete crushing material operation. When the hammer crusher works, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity evenly. The high speed rotary hammer head and the shear tear material are broken. At the same time, the gravity action of the material itself makes the material run from the high-speed rotating hammer to the baffle and screen in the frame, and in the lower part of the rotor, the material is set in the lower part of the rotor. The size of the sieve plate and comminuted material is smaller than the sieve size by the sieve plate. The material larger than the size of the sieve hole remains on the sieve plate and continues to be hit and grinded by the hammer.

According to the way of crushing force, the crusher can be roughly divided into two categories.

(1) crusher (2) grinding machine

Crushers generally process larger blocks of material, and the products are coarser in size, usually greater than 8 mm. The structural feature is that there is a certain gap between the broken parts, and they do not touch each other. Crusher can be divided into coarse crushing machine, medium crushing machine and fine crusher. Generally speaking, the material handled by the grinding mill is finer and the product size is fine, up to 0. 074 millimeters, even thinner. The structural feature is that the broken parts (or media) are in contact with each other, and the medium used is steel balls, steel bars, gravel or ore blocks. However, some machines have both crushing and grinding functions, such as self grinding machines. 5. 5 * 1. The maximum size of the 8 meter self grinder is 350~400 mm.

According to the way of crushing and mechanical structural characteristics (action principle), it can be roughly divided into six categories.

(1) the Hubei crusher (tigers mouth). The crushing action is caused by the periodic pressure of the movable plate to the fixed plate, crushing the ore blocks in it.

(2) conical crusher. The ore block is located between the two cones inside and outside, the outer cone is fixed, and the inner cone is eccentrically swung to crush or break the ore block in it.

(3) roller crusher. The ore block is mainly subjected to continuous crushing action in two interlocking rolls, but it also has the effect of grinding and stripping.

(4) impact crusher. The ore block is shattered by the impact of rapidly rotating parts.  Those belonging to this category can be divided into: hammer crusher, cage crusher, impact crusher.

(5) grinding machine. The ore is crushed in the rotating cylinder by the impact and grinding action of grinding medium (steel ball, steel bar, gravel or ore block).

A, roller mill: roll the material by rotating the roller.

B, disc mill: rotating the disc with vertical axis or horizontal axis as a broken part.

C, centrifugal mill. The centrifugal force is produced by high-speed rotating parts and medium production to complete the crushing action.

D, vibratory grinding machine. The high frequency vibration generated by the rotating shaft causes the medium and material to strike each other and complete the crushing action.

All kinds of crushers have different specifications and different uses. The crusher or the circular cone crusher is used in coarse crushing, the standard cone crusher is used in the middle crushing, and the short head cone crusher is used in finely.