Discussion on Ball Mill Noise

- Oct 12, 2017-

With the development of science and technology, technology upgrading. The use of ball mill is more and more extensive, the cement industry and ultimately, silicate products also have its participation, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black nonferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramic production industry is a good helper. Ball mill is the material after crushing and then crushing the key equipment, grinding materials can be dry or wet grinding. Although the ball mill can help us a lot, but also brought some pollution - noise.

Now that air pollution has become a problem that I do not have to pay attention to, it is said that waste, carbon dioxide pollution of the air, but environmental noise caused people to worry about the conversation, thinking, sleep and rest interference. Especially the quiet residential areas, such as recuperation area, high-level hotel area, etc .; residents, cultural and educational district refers to the pure residential areas and cultural and educational, institutional areas; a mixed area refers to the general business and residents of the mixed area; Commercial area, a small amount of traffic and residents of the mixed area; commercial center area refers to the commercial concentration of downtown areas; industrial concentration area refers to the local government designated industrial areas; traffic on both sides of the traffic flow per hour more than 100 roads on both sides. Frequent noise at night, the peak is not allowed to exceed the standard value of 10 dB. Night occasional noise, the peak is not allowed to exceed the standard value of 15 dB.

Noise is a common mill defects, in order that we can have a better working environment good, when the ball mill work to prevent the generation of noise as much as possible, we provide all three methods (a noise sound source, instead of steel lined rubber lining root , Damping bandage, vibration sound) can prevent the ball mill noise. One of the ball mill equipment noise control the most direct, most effective and most economical measures is to reduce the sound source sound from the sound source to control the noise.