Grain Size Requirements for Limestone from Calca Kiln Calcination System

- Oct 12, 2017 -

From the point of view of the calcining equipment, the calcining system structure of the rotary kiln, in particular the vertical preheater, is determined according to the selected limestone particle size. The basic contents include: material accumulation state, moving speed, hot and cold expansion effect on the degree of breathability, heat transfer, heating efficiency, decomposition rate, production capacity and the impact of lime final calcination results.

From the perspective of product use, the use of lime for converter steelmaking slagging agent, steel smelting is in a certain temperature range of time requirements. This also determines the lime in the reaction with the molten steel and complete slagging, it should also have the time requirements.

In summary, the primary requirement for limestone particle size requirements should be based on the need to meet the needs of the user for the size of the lime product, taking into account the molding rate and availability of the limestone mining process and maintaining long-term availability The.