How to solve the common problems of ball mill

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1, when the mill will run a lot of noise. Check the time to see if the liner bolt is not tightened. Find loose bolt reinforcement that will reduce noise.

2, ball mill and motor bearing temperature, more than the provisions. Try to touch the bearing is local or all the temperature is too high, from the following check the processing of the ball mill.

(1) check the ball mill parts of the lubrication point, the use of lubricants and equipment factory instructions are consistent

(2) check the ball mill lubricants and grease is bad.

(3) check the ball mill lubrication pipe is blocked, or the oil is not directly into the lubrication point, the lack of fuel caused by heat.

(4) ball mill bearing side clearance is too small, bearing pad and shaft clearance is too large, too many contact points, can not form a uniform oil film on the pad.

(5) Ball mill grinding machine at both ends of the hollow shaft of the sealing device is too tight, or the sealing iron pieces directly with the shaft contact.

3, bearing heat. Check whether the reducer vent is blocked.

4, the ball mill motor with a reducer start vibration. Treatment: according to the provisions of the wheel gap adjusted to make the two axes concentric. Symmetrical fastening coupling joint bolts with equal torque. When the rotor is not balanced, the ball mill rotor out to find another static balance.