Main Structure and Working Principle of Conical Crusher

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Cone crusher mainly by the rack, bowl-shaped bearing, broken cone, branch sets, transmission, eccentric sleeve, adjust the sleeve, spring and adjust the drainage port with the hydraulic station and provide oil oil Station and other components. Compact structure, high production efficiency. Using bowl-shaped bearings and concentrated oil lubrication system. When the need to adjust the size of the discharge port can start the hydraulic station by pushing the cylinder to adjust. When the material can not be broken into the crushing chamber, the spring safety device can protect the equipment from damage.

Working principle: at work by the rotation of the motor through the pulley or coupling cone crusher drive shaft and cone crusher cone in the eccentric sleeve under the force of a week around the fixed point for the rotary motion. So that the crushing wall of the broken cone is sometimes close to and away from the surface of the mortar wall which is fixed on the adjustment sleeve, so that the ore can be broken by the impact, squeezing and bending in the crushing chamber. The motor is driven by the bevel gear to drive the eccentric sleeve, so that the broken cone is tilted. Broken cone sometimes close and then leave the fixed cone, complete broken and nesting. The support sleeve and the frame body are pressed against the spring. When the crusher falls into a non-crushing object such as a metal block, the spring is compressed and deformed, and foreign matter is discharged to realize the insurance and the machine is damaged.