Prospects for cooperation between China and ASEAN on clean energy

- Jul 10, 2018-

"ASEAN has a wide range of clean energy resources, and there are great differences in resource endowments and development conditions in various countries. China and ASEAN have greater cooperation advantages in the field of renewable energy, and the future prospects can be expected. " Yan Bingzhong, director of the International Business Department of China Hydroelectric and water conservancy planning and Design General Institute, said at the meeting of China (Chongqing) - ASEAN clean energy application seminar and technical exchange held in 22.

The thirteenth China Chongqing high tech fair and the Ninth China International Military and civilian dual purpose Technology Fair (abbreviated as the military Expo), with the theme of "military and civilian integration", is held here. On the same day, more than a hundred government energy management departments and energy enterprise representatives from China, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries gathered in Chongqing to exchange and dock the opportunities for cooperation between China and ASEAN on clean energy and market demand.

"Renewable energy continues to be the main force in the global green energy development." Yan Bingzhong revealed that by 2040, the total amount of renewable energy generated by the world will reach 40%, 16 percentage points higher than that in 2016. In the next 20 years, most of the world's region, including the EU, China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, will have more than 60% renewable energy installed in the new power installed, of which the EU and China's renewable energy ratio will reach 81% and 76% respectively.

Yan Bingzhong believes that the renewable resources of ASEAN countries are rich in renewable resources, and the development of new energy needs a large amount of capital, talent and technology, while China has experienced the rapid development stage of new energy. The capacity of renewable energy, such as wind power, solar energy and biomass, is the first in the world, in policy making, project construction, equipment manufacturing and energy technology. There is a certain accumulation of experience in the operation. "The two sides jointly carry out exchanges in clean energy capacity building, help to achieve complementary advantages."

"Technical cooperation, power supply construction, interconnection and industrial cooperation are key points for cooperation between China and ASEAN in the field of clean energy." Yan Bingzhong said that, at the level of technical cooperation, both sides can carry out exchanges and cooperation in energy policy, technology, management and other aspects, promote the docking of advanced technology standards, jointly promote the progress of clean energy technology and reduce the cost. In the construction of power supply, both sides can promote the scale development of renewable energy by building clean energy projects and pumped storage power stations, such as hydropower, wind power, solar power, and so on, to promote the scale development of renewable energy and improve the level of capacity building. In the field of interoperability, the two sides can strengthen the joint research on regional power grid cooperation, promote the interconnection of the power grid in the ASEAN countries and the ASEAN countries and the surrounding countries, and realize the mutual benefit of electricity. In the field of industrial cooperation, the two sides can further expand the field of cooperation, extend the cooperation industry chain of energy and electricity, and promote the upgrading of the ASEAN industry by strengthening the information sharing of policies, planning and projects.

"The survey shows that the energy demand of ASEAN countries will grow 5% to 6% annually, which is a huge challenge for ASEAN countries. We have realized the sustainable pressure of energy utilization and the urgent need to improve the energy structure. Beni Suriadi (BeniSuryadi), the manager of the ASEAN energy center's policy research and analysis program, said that the ASEAN countries and China have established a good interaction and cooperation mechanism, and many Chinese private enterprises have carried out energy investment in Indonesia, Thailand, Kampuchea and other places. "Learning from China's experience is our only way. In addition to the government level cooperation, we hope to go deeper into China's various regions, exchange experience and success, and jointly promote clean energy development and energy transformation.

"Thailand is a country with a shortage of energy. With the continuous growth of Thailand's economy, the degree of dependence on energy is increasing." Li Huilan, the commercial consul of Kingdom of Thailand's Consulate General in Chengdu, said that the government of Thailand is currently guaranteeing energy security by developing international energy cooperation and adjusting national energy consumption structure. The development and utilization of renewable energy is the only way to deal with the contradiction between supply and demand of energy. We expect more Chinese enterprises to carry out trade cooperation in Thailand and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.