Tablet magnetic separator placed five major considerations

- Oct 12, 2017-

1, should be flat magnetic separator fuel lever placed in the idle position, if conditions permit should also add preservatives, so that the parts of the lubrication of the new oil film. Before storage, will not corrupt the engine's metal parts fuel tank filled with diesel.

2, to prevent rust, flat magnetic separator in the parking area of the breakdown and furnishings. Flat magnetic separator should be parked in a dry room, depending on the appearance of rust-proof patent leather off the size of the area to determine the use of paint is the steps, or use the machine to re-paint the essentials to repair.

3, after the cover with a cover cloth, restrained fuel tank rust. And to organize it thoroughly. When placing, remove the battery (the lever is in neutral position). If you have to stay outdoors, you have to repair the machine, repair the damaged parts, at the end should be put off the cooling water.

4, its metal exposed to the anti-rust method is smear butter.

5, the battery is arranged in the dry and antifreeze, should be selected flat ground and covered with wood, is strictly prohibited in the battery placed conductive objects. Lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month, to ensure that its appearance clean and dry. The engine should be started once a month during downtime.