China Economic And Social Council Research Group To North Heavy Industry Group Field Research

- Sep 07, 2018-

On September 6, 2018, the Economic and Social Council of China was headed by Li Yizhong, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC Standing Committee, deputy chairman of the Economic Committee and former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, to conduct a field survey on "Big Data Promoting Industrial Transformation and Upgrading" to the Northern Heavy Industry Group.

Li Yizhong, chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, director of the Finance Office of Liaoning Provincial Government and director of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Committee, Wang Ying and his party went to the Northern Heavy Industry Group for field visits. Liu Hequn, chairman of the Northern Heavy Industry Group, Su Xuexiang, chief executive, assistant director of design, Li Zhibo, and Su Pengcheng, technical director, etc., accompanied the investigation. First of all, he visited the exhibition hall of Northern Heavy Industry Group. In the exhibition hall, the chairman of the board introduced the existing products of Northern Heavy Industry Group and analyzed the development of the industry in detail. Then he visited the Northern Heavy Industry Laboratory of Internet of Things. The laboratory showed the situation of "Shenyang Metro Shield Construction Management Information Platform". Zhao Ming, general manager of Northern Heavy Industry Automation Company, on behalf of Northern Heavy Industry Group, introduced the function of the platform in detail. The platform includes the use of shield machine produced by Northern Heavy Industry Group in Shenyang Metro Line 4, 9 and 10, and the functions of parameter display, analysis and statistics. During this process, Chairman Liu Hequn and General Manager Zhao Ming of Automation Company gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the research group. During the visit, the segment splicing stage of the shield machine of Metro Line 4 was carried out, and the data changes of cylinder expansion and contraction during the splicing process were displayed in real time on the platform, which made the investigation team understand the working form of the shield machine intuitively. Finally, the chairman of the board made a summary introduction to the future development direction of Northern Heavy Industries and the future application of large data. Li Yizhong also highly appraised the work of Northern Heavy Industries Group on the application of large data in recent years, and put forward valuable opinions on the application of large data in the future of Northern Heavy Industries Group.