Classification Of Mining Machinery

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Mining machinery is the direct exploitation of useful minerals and mining equipment used in the preparation of machinery and equipment, mainly mining metal ore and non-metallic ore mining machinery; mining coal mining machinery; oil mining oil drilling machinery.


The first wind-driven wafer shearer was designed by British engineer Walker, which was manufactured in about 1868. In the 1880s, hundreds of oil wells in the United States used steam-driven drill rigs. In 1907, Drilling wells and gas wells with a cone drilling rig and using it for open pit drilling from 1937 onwards.

Mining machinery

Excavation machinery is mainly used for underground and open pit mining machinery, including drilling holes with drilling machinery; digging mining rock mining machinery and handling machinery; drilling patio, shaft and roadway with the excavation machinery.

Drilling machinery

Drilling machinery is divided into two types of drilling and drilling rigs, drilling rigs and underground drilling rigs and underground drilling division of the points. Rock drill is used in the hard above the rock, drilling diameter of 20 to 100 mm, the depth of 20 meters within the borehole of the machinery, according to its different power can be divided into pneumatic, internal combustion, hydraulic and electric rock drill, the wind The drilling rigs are the most widely used. The open drilling rigs are divided into steel wire impact rigs, downhole drilling rigs, roller drills and rotary drilling rigs according to the working mechanism of crushing ores. The rope rigs are gradually replaced by other rigs The

The excavation machinery uses the axial pressure and the rotational force of the tool to produce the rolling effect on the rock surface, directly crushing the ore into the lane or into the well machinery and equipment. The tools used are disc hobs, wedge hobs, ball hobs and milling tools. According to the different roadway excavation, can be divided into patio drilling rig, shaft drilling machine and Ping Lane boring machine.