Cooperating With Each Other

- Jul 17, 2018-

Recently, the northern heavy industry successfully completed the production task of the waste incinerator project. The Ministry overcame the difficulties of the time limit, the progress and so on, and reached the production target of the group.

In terms of construction period, due to the slow payment of advance payment, the overall delivery schedule has been affected, resulting in a tight schedule. Our company sent people to the user site and site construction units to communicate and understand the actual site installation operation order, in accordance with the order of understanding after adjusting the rhythm of our company's production organization. It has made a great deal of time for the production and manufacture of the factory, and it also meets the actual needs of the users; in the technical aspect, the new technical equipment introduced by the equipment for our company is not mature for its technical standards. The original design of the equipment to Japan, the actual manufacturing of the project needs to implement a lot of Japanese JIN standards, in order to prevent technology and actual manufacturing to meet, our company dispatches professional skills, and the ability to strain the technical personnel stationed on the line of production. To a large extent, the qualified rate of one-time inspection is guaranteed. The top coat color of the project is the selected color of the user. From the early stage of the contract until the golden knot Department has begun to purchase the steel plate, the user can not provide the painting color and requirements of the equipment. Because the project has entered the actual production cycle at that time, such as no coating will fall into a stagnant state again, the Group Design Institute and the power plant technicians collaborated on the company's only technical data and previous experience, drafted the primer process, and sent the process to the user's technical side to be affirmed by the user. The production of equipment has won the time.

All the departments of the design and production of the power plant equipment department, as well as the staff of the assembly workshop, adhere to the practical work style and dedication and dedication of the assembly workshop. They are always on the line of production. They are based on the work and always adhere to the principle of keeping quality and quantity to improve the assembly precision and the outside of the product. In view of the quality, they do not shrink in the face of the difficulties; in the face of the danger, they strive to give full play to each person's sense of responsibility, and strive to achieve the timely completion of the production task. The purpose of ensuring the quality of the product assembly and shortening the assembly cycle is achieved by practical action. Affirmation and praise, at the same time, also for the power station equipment business department has won a good reputation.