Exploitation Trend Of Mining Drilling Technology And Equipment In China

- Oct 12, 2017-

Rock drilling equipment is the main equipment in the mining production process, from its technical development point of view, domestic and foreign open-air drilling equipment are far ahead of underground drilling equipment, many open-pit mine rock drilling equipment used by the high degree of intelligence In underground mines.

The trend of intelligent drilling highlights

With the continuous development of science and technology, countries around the world to study mining technology to gradually become more intelligent, humane, green and security direction. The continuous improvement of intelligent technology, intelligent drilling equipment for the rapid development of the foundation.

Drilling equipment, the continuous improvement of the degree of intelligence, so that the underground mine production efficiency, equipment utilization and intact rate is also greatly improved. In the case of the Canadian International Nickel Stobie mine, the mine uses tomrock's rock drilling robot for mining drilling operations, with a television camera at a rock drilling site, transmitting the image to a large television in the surface control room via a broadband On the screen, only one zoom device allows the operator to monitor any part of the rock drilling robot and operate the rock drilling robot with a remote control trolley. Production practice shows that the average drilling time per class is 132 meters, 63% higher than the traditional hydraulic drilling car workers labor productivity, while more than 1.5 hours per class operation, equipment utilization increased by 19%. One of the world's largest underground mines, the Olympic Dam copper mine in Australia, purchased two rock drilling robots from Atlas Copco in the expansion and was put into use, with a rocking speed of 35m / h, an equipment rate of 94.2%, equipment average Utilization rate of 82%.