Iron Spectrum Technology And Its Industrial Application

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Iron spectrum technology is a kind of wear analysis and mechanical condition monitoring technology developed in the field of international tribology in the 1970s, and it has been widely used in industrial field. This book comprehensively and systematically introduces the development of iron spectrum technology, working principle, iron spectrum production technology, iron spectrum detection and identification technology and its application in the field of industry, and the relevant knowledge of the tribology made a brief introduction. This book is the author for many years engaged in iron spectrum technology research and practice on the basis of the same time at home and abroad access to the latest materials and results from the preparation. This book is characterized by: the content of a comprehensive system, innovative and practical. This book can be used by iron spectrum technician and tribology workers. It can also be used as training material for mechanical equipment management and maintenance engineering and technical personnel and mechanical condition monitoring and fault diagnosis engineering and technical personnel. It is also available to institutions of higher learning Health, research and design departments and factories of the relevant technical staff reference.