Principle And Structure Of Dewatering Equipment

- Oct 12, 2017-

Principle: The main components of the dehydration equipment is the liner, surrounded by a small hole inside the liner, to be dehydrated clothing on the liner. The motor drives the liner through the belt at high speed. So produce a great centrifugal force, so the water through the holes in the hole was thrown out, was collected after the unified discharge. Dehydration equipment can generally be used for clothing, textiles, crops and other items in addition to water.

Structure: The dewatering machine is made of three-legged pendulum type, shell and roof steel plate. The site material is cast iron, the outlet pipe is under the site, the foot seat and the foot material are cast iron. Using a separate motor through the triangular tape drive, equipped with centrifugal starting flange, the machine can start slowly.

In general: For wet clothes, the drying effect of the dewatering equipment for two minutes is almost the same as that achieved by the dryer for 20 minutes. However, the dewatering equipment can not completely dry the clothes. Therefore, a way to save time and energy is to dehumidify the wet clothes first, after the completion of the drying operation.