Promotion Mechanism

- Oct 12, 2017-

The lifting mechanism uses double motor parallel drive, single drum, double wire rope to enhance the structure type, and uses the full type brake. This mechanism is composed of lifting the motor base, input shaft, intermediate shaft, reel device, lifting gear box, oil discharge device, coupling, brake device and lifting wire rope and so on. The lifting mechanism adopts the hard tooth gear transmission. In addition to the first stage of the use of helical gear, the rest are spur gears.

The lifting mechanism is the main mechanism for driving the bucket to carry out excavation work, through the drum device on the wire rope traction bucket for the upper and lower movement.

The device uses two equal-length steel wire rope hoisting bucket, so when ordering and installing wire rope, should be as long as the length of the same. To avoid the unevenness of the wire rope due to the resulting uneven performance and shorten the life of the rope (see Figure 21).

The lifting motor is a horizontal motor and is connected to the input shaft of the reducer by means of a coupling. And the other end connects the hub of the brake. The motor is mounted on the motor base on the left side of the machine. The motor base is connected to the main platform through the locating pin and bolts. The motor has adjustment pad underneath, and the adjusting bolt is on the side to adjust the position of the motor and the input shaft concentric.

Side bracket welding on the platform, and the platform as a whole, and to enhance the gear box connection hole a clamping process to ensure the positioning size. The upper seat has a separate bearing seat, the bearing seat through the positioning of the bolt bolts connected to the side bracket, and is divided into two parts, easy to install and remove the drum device.