Six Academicians Gathered In Shaoxing To Help Mine Geological Disaster Management

- Jul 10, 2018-

Recently, six academicians, such as Qian Qihu, Chen Yuchuan, Wang Sijing, Dorji, Kanghong Pu and Mao Jingwen, gathered in Shaoxing to attend the project appraisal of the fine evaluation of the stability of the slope of the open-pit mine of Zhejiang Province, which was written by the Shaoxing University and other units. The six academicians agreed that the project reached the international advanced level.

In 2018, the whole province should reduce more than 1000 geological hazard points and basically eliminate major geological hazards. To achieve this goal, we need to screen out the current situation of slope stability in open-pit mines in the whole province, and conduct a comprehensive screening of rock mass stability in open-pit mines.

The reporter has learned that, after more than 10 years of scientific and technological breakthrough, the project group, represented by Professor Du Shigui, director of the Zhejiang mountain geological disaster cooperative innovation center, has successfully developed a simple and economical and reliable evaluation technique for the stability of slope stability in open pit mines. This technology is the screen for the hidden danger of mine slope geological hazards. It provides a basis for investigation and classification. The cost of the technology is only 25% of the traditional technology, the time cost is only 30% of the traditional technology, the reliability is 50% higher than that of the traditional technology. The quantitative evaluation of the stability of the 1571 slopes of the 1042 open-pit mines in the province is completed by only 7 months, and the quantitative evaluation of the full coverage of the slope stability of the large surface and wide open pit is realized. An evaluation report of 2610 000 words (29 volumes) was compiled.