The 9 Industry Green Mine Construction Specification Issued, China's Green Mine Construction Entered The Stage Of Law-abiding Stage.

- Jul 11, 2018 -

The Ministry of natural resources recently issued a notice on 9 industry standards such as "non-metallic mineral industry green mine construction specification". According to the introduction, this is the first national standard of national green mine construction, which marks the new stage of green mine construction in China, which will play a strong support and guarantee for the green development of China's mining industry.

The 9 industrial standards issued by the Ministry of natural resources include "the standard for construction of green mines in non-metallic mines" (DZ/T 0312-2018), "standard for construction of green mines in chemical industry" (DZ/T 0313-2018), "standard of green mine construction in gold industry" (DZ/T 0314-2018), and "Specification for construction of green mines in the coal industry" (D Z/T 0315-2018), "standard for construction of green mines in sand and stone industry" (DZ/T 0316-2018), "standard of green mine construction for land oil and natural gas mining industry" (DZ/T 0317-2018), "Specification for construction of green mines of cement limestone" (DZ/T 0318-2018), "standard for construction of green mines in metallurgical industry" (DZ/T 0319-2018), The "green mine construction specification" (DZ/T 0320-2018) in the nonferrous metals industry will be implemented in October 1, 2018.

The responsible person of the Ministry of natural resources said that the principles for the establishment of the standard for the construction of green mines in the nine industries are to promote the rational use of resources, energy conservation and emission reduction, the protection of the ecological environment and the harmony of the mineral land as the main goal, and to achieve the economic and ecological benefits and social benefits of the resources development, and to develop green mining industry. The construction of green mines provides technical and management support. At the same time, through the standard formulation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the mining enterprises and strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, so that the mining enterprises will make efficient use of resources, protect the environment and promote the external requirements of the ore land harmony into the internal motivation of the development of the enterprises, and consciously assume the resources of saving and intensive utilization, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental reconstruction and land. It is the responsibility of enterprises to reclaim and promote local economic and social development.

From the view of industry development, Peng Qiming, President of the China Mining Association, pointed out in the 2018 China mining cycle economy and green development forum held recently that the traditional and extensive model of mining development has been unsustainable, and the consequences of extensive development need to be invested with capital and manpower to resolve it. This change is not a gradual change, but a revolutionary change. He believes that the development of the mining industry can realize the whole process of green, civilized production and modernization. The mines in the new era should not be the pronouns of dust flying and messy danger. The sustainable development of the mining industry is not only a prolongation of the service life of the mine, but also a rare opportunity for the development of the mining industry for the development of other industries. What is left is not scarring and garbage, but new space to introduce new industries.