The Northern Heavy Industry Has Won The Highest Grade AAA Credit Evaluation Of The China Engineering Machinery Industry Association

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Recently, the northern heavy industry participated in the five two member conference of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and the fifteenth China high level Forum on construction machinery development in Jining, Shandong, which is entitled "opportunity, reason, value and development". At the meeting, the northern heavy industry was awarded the highest grade "AAA" credit evaluation of the China Engineering Machinery Industry Association.

The group has all kinds of products, such as mining machinery, construction machinery and building materials machinery. As a representative of tunnel boring equipment, construction machinery has good performance in the field of construction machinery. In 2012, it became Vice President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association roadheader branch.

Last June, Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association of North heavy industry investigation and inspection, inspection content of more than 30 items, including the overall quality of enterprises, technology research and development capabilities, management level and quality assurance ability, the level of production safety, social reputation, enterprise development strategy, brand construction, financial analysis, the final evaluation conclusion is the highest grade of "AAA". The credit rating is a "bonus point" in order to get orders, cooperation between enterprises and financing loans in the field of Chinese construction machinery.

Deputy general manager of tunneling equipment branch Zhao Ming on behalf of the North Heavy Industries in plaque and certificate ceremony, and to participate in the theme from "the 'going out' to 'go' The Belt and Road vision and build international enterprise" forum, to discuss the development of the industry, and the well-known entrepreneurs exchange. And the North heavy industry in the "The Belt and Road along the country's product performance in the forum, describes the North heavy industry in the" green manufacturing "," the transformation of service enterprise "efforts, through the expansion of a variety of business models, integration of world resources, will make the North Heavy Industry development process of the world famous international enterprises.

Through this conference and the communication and study of many well-known entrepreneurs in China, we expanded our development thinking and vision, and strengthened the confidence that heavy industries in northern China will continue to grow stronger and stronger in the field of construction machinery. We will continue to carry out the "2025" in China, and further promote the structural reform of the supply side of the engineering machinery industry. Upgrade, temper forward by the transformation of enterprises, lay a solid foundation for the sustainable and stable development of engineering machinery, engineering machinery industry in the healthy development of contribution.