The World's Largest Hydraulic Excavator

- Oct 12, 2017-

O & K RH400 is the world's largest hydraulic excavator, so far, only six RH400 put into use, the first RH400 made in 1997, improved the sixth RH400 launched in 2002, it uses Two Cummins [Cummins] QSK60-C diesel engine [16-cylinder, turbo direct injection], the tank capacity of 16000L. Giant RH400 currently only produces six, of which five in the United States, one in Canada's mining use, only the shovel models.

RH400 is currently the largest hydraulic excavator on the market, is TEREX / O & K's flagship product, is also the only 1,000-ton hydraulic excavator. For large trucks with more than 300 tons, the RH400 excavator is an effective and favorable mining option.

RH400 operating weight of 980 tons, the engine output power of 3280 kilowatts, the shovel can accommodate 85 tons of minerals, is definitely a monster! It has created a new world record for hydraulic spindles in the Canadian oil sands: a total of more than 9,000 t / h in performance testing, with an average yield of more than 5500 t / h, for super-large trucks such as CAT 797B, Can be filled. The RH400 excavator can be equipped with a diesel engine or a motor drive.